Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric mosquito Fogger

For the casual resident who loves throwing parties at their backyard, the problem of pests such as mosquitoes and flies can really be a pain. Especially when you are expecting a lot of people, having pests flying around could really kill the mood of your event. And whether or not your backyard is big or small, normal means of getting those pests such as insecticides, swatters and other common household methods just won’t do.

What you need to really eliminate the insect problem is a good fogger. But could the Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger be the one for the job?

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger


Build and Design

The Burgess 960 mosquito and insects fogger really looks like a tool you could use to fend off those pests. Its build looks to be really durable with its thick plastic finish and has a straightforward look to it which will tell you it means business.

Another standout feature of this mosquito fogger is its 40 oz. tank. Just like the other models in the Burgess line, it has the very large tank which can only reach 80% full with the usual Black Flag. And since the fogger will only work when the tank is 50% full, you will really need to put in quite a bit of Black Flag. This may become an issue for some users, but the large tank can also allow you to fog for a great deal of time.

In addition to the large tank, another feature of the Burgess 960 fogger that some may find an issue with is its short cord. Since this Burgess insect fogger is an electric one, you will need to plug it in, however, the cord is really, really short. This means that you will need a really long extension cord so as to make up for its short length. This may become a problem particularly when you have a vast backyard that needs to be fogged.

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger


Use and Function

Just like the other Burgess insect fogger, the Burgess 960 is really simple to operate. Let it warm up for a good two to three minutes before using, after which, you are all set. As a reminder, some insecticide or small clouds of smoke may come from the nozzle but this is perfectly normal when warming it up. Using this mosquito fogger could also take a bit of a rhythm to it as you will only need to squeeze the trigger ever three of four seconds to as to properly achieve that steady cloud that will eliminate those pests. Pumping it too fast might result in having a wet fog, while pumping it too slow might discolor the white cloud that it dispenses.

Once you do get it working, you will really be happy with what the Burgess 960 can do. After fogging, you will immediately feel its effects. What’s more is that you will be free from pests for up to six hours, which really is a lot of time to be safe from mosquito bites. When using it, it will dispense odorless white fog on a 10-foot cone which can easily penetrate tall grasses and shrubs. It is ideally used before having your backyard barbeques, picnics, pool parties, and other outdoor events.

For those that just want to rid their surroundings of pest, it is recommended to fog during dusk as the wind will not be blowing so hard, thereby allowing the fog to really work its magic and effectively eliminating those pests.

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger



For its price of around $75, the Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger is really worth it. Granted that it is a just a bit pricier than its propane counterpart, you at least won’t have to buy propane which would cost you extra money in the long run. It is really effective in ridding your surroundings of mosquitoes and flies immediately, and not only that, you are guaranteed no pests for up to six hours.

Though you may need to have an extension cord to really be able to bring it with you across your backyard, it does not diminish the fact that it is very effective in killing pests. As a durable tool to have on-hand, you will be really happy with the Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger.

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