Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger Review

Burgess 16982150 professional fogger


Tired of all the pests such as mosquitoes and flies that have taken over your outdoor living space? Then you must be in search of solution that is more than the usual bug spray, fly swatter and other home remedies that just won’t work. An insect fogger is that one solution that you should be investing in especially when you love having events in your outdoor space.

The Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger is one such fogger that could be the answer to your problem, but does it really perform well, and is it worth your money?

Build and Design

This Burgess professional inset fogger really has a great build to it. It has an aesthetic color of a clean, sleek, black finish to its body and a metal tank. Its body really does look super durable with its thick build and the metal tank which guarantees that it stays in shape on you and will last you for a long time. Just by the look of it alone you can tell that this product really is a professional-grade fogger.

Its metal tank does need to be filled up with Black Flag so as to ensure that it dispenses a proper cloud, but that isn’t really an issue as you can always pour whatever is left of the insecticide back into the container.

Since this Burgess 16982150 is an electric fogger, you will need to plug it to an outlet. However, its cord really is very short and will not allow you to move it while it’s connected to an outlet on the wall. So when you do get this product, you should also get a very long extension cord that will allow you to move freely across your backyard or outdoor living space. Just make sure that the extension cord you will use is appropriate for electric insect fogger use.


Use and Function

Just like any other insect fogger from the Burgess line, this professional fogger is simple to operate. Before using it, make sure that the nozzle cap on the fogger is tightly secured and that while it is unplugged, the barrel should be attached firmly to the housing, being particular about not leaving any gap. Once all of that is done, plug it in and let the fogger heat up for two to three minutes before using.

What you have to be remember about this Burgess professional insect fogger is that you want to dispense a dry fog. You can get a dry fog by controlling the rate of flow of chemical. This can be done by simply turning the adjustment knob clockwise, while turning it counterclockwise gives you a wetter fog. A wet fog can have damaging effects on plants, shrubs, and carpeting, so always make sure that you have a dry fog. Last reminder is to fog before using the outdoor space.

Once you have it warmed up and achieved the desired dry fog, you can begin fogging. Once you do fog, you will instantly reap the benefits. Pests will immediately get killed and you will have an area free of pests for several hours, allowing you to have the perfect outdoor space for your parties, picnics, barbeques and etc. As a testament to how effective this insect fogger is, as its name implies, you can use it professionally.


For around $150 you are getting a really great professional-grade insect fogger that is strongly built and designed. With the Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger you are getting a quality product that will not only last you for a long time, but will also give you that pest free zone immediately and for many hours, even days depending on your location.

Although there are a couple of issues to contend with, such as the large tank which needs to be filled up and its short cord, these are only small problems that will not really affect this insect fogger’s performance or quality.

The Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger is ideal for those who love throwing outdoor events and need that extra artillery to get those pests out of your outdoor space; this is also ideal for those that are in the business of killing pests as its premium quality ensures that it will do the job for you.


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Melissa May 23, 2016 at 7:35 pm Reply

We are using this fogger against mosquitoes for weddings in louisiana, It’s more effective than other methods we tried but the place will be mosquito-free for one or two hours not more like advertised.

Also make sure you wear a mask while fogging, the air becomes quite toxic..

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