Black Flag 190095 Mosquito Fogger Review

For the homeowner who has a large outdoor living space, particularly those who have a vast backyard and an additional side yard to attend to, no ordinary methods of ridding pests such as bug sprays will do. You will need a mosquito fogger for the job as it will be able to cover the vastness of your living space and do it in no time. But which among the numerous insect fogger products should you go for?

The Black Flag 190095 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Fogger promises to be that one tool you could use to clear your outdoor living space of mosquitoes and flies, but could it be the one for you?

Black flag 190095 mosquito fogger


Build and Design

The Black Flag 190095 insect fogger is one of the most simple and straight-forward fogger there is in the market today. Its design really speaks insect killer with its bright yellow plastic finish and a comfortable handle to it. Its whole body is compact but promises to be very solidly built. As a propane insect fogger, you can simply insert the propane canister at the very back and start fogging.

Unlike other products out there in the market, this Black Flag mosquito fogger has a built-in container to place your insecticide. Though this built-in insecticide container is convenient, some argue that it is pretty small. However, when already using it, you will find that the size of the container is not that big of a deal.

Another great thing about the Black Flag 190095 is that you do not need a lighter or a match to light it up. It has its own button near the nozzle that will spark it up for you, thereby eliminating the need of any external fire source. This small feature, the spark starter, is very convenient, clearly making the life of its consumers so much easier.

Black Flag 190095 fogger box


Use and Function

As one of the most convenient insect fogger products in the market today, the Black Flag 190095 is super easy and simple to use. After making sure that all the necessary parts are together, fill up its built-in insecticide container to the desired amount and slide in a propane canister into the body of the insect fogger. Once those are all done, turn the gas knob counter-clockwise to give the fogger some gas, once that is checked, press the spark-starter to light it up (note that you will see a spark that will light up the heating element and the coils at the front of the fogger). Now all you have to do is to let it warm up for around two minutes before using it.

When you do start fogging, make sure that you squeeze the button only once every two to four seconds so as to achieve the desired kind of cloud. By doing so, you will get the proper kind of white cloud that will effectively rid insects.

Remember that you should only use this fogger in the outdoors, and when you do, use it before any outdoor occasion. Use it before having your outdoor parties, picnics, barbeques, and etc. You will be happy to know that once you do fog, you will immediately rid the mosquitoes away, as well as stay pest free for several hours.

And because of the fact that it is a propane insect fogger, you can bring it with you and fog virtually anywhere. This is an important feature for homeowners who have a really large outdoor living space.


The Black Flag 190095 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger really is a great product to have. With its price tag of around $70, you are getting an insect fogger that is not only easy to use, but will also make your life convenient. No longer will you have to suffer from unwanted outdoor guests, or worry about your outdoor occasions being ruined by those pests when you get this product.

The only real issue this insect fogger has is the size of its insecticide container, but that does not really matter when you have a tool that efficiently kills insects. The fact that it is propane powered as well as having its very own spark starter button will make insect killing a breeze. At the end of the day, when all the insects at your outdoor living space is gone, the Black Flag 190095 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger is a great product to have.

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