Mosquito fogger reviews

Your outdoor living space is one of the most treasured areas of your home, but to lose it to insects such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats and moths is an all too common problem that can really ruin any chance of throwing a picnic, a barbeque, a dinner party, or even just hanging around in your backyard. In order to take full advantage of your outdoor living space and rid yourself of these insect pests, the answer is to get an insect fogger which can quickly and easily deal with them.
But with the numerous different mosquito foggers available in the market, which ones should you go for? Here are five great insect foggers for you to consider.

Burgess 1443 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Mosquito Fogger

Burgess 1443 propane mosquito fogger


The Burgess 1443 insect fogger is a great tool to have against those insect pests. With a sturdy, straight-forward design to it, you can immediately tell that it will kill and repel those insects for you.
One of the outstanding features that Burgess has on their insect foggers is the size of their insecticide tank, which is a 40-ounce tank. This huge tank means you can fog a great deal of area, but it also means you would have to pour in a significant amount of insecticide for the fogger to work properly as the tank should be around 50% full. But this issue can be easily solved by having an extra amount of insecticide with you, not to mention the fact that you can also pour what’s left of the insecticide back to its container.
After filling this Burgess propane insect fogger with insecticide, you cam light up the fogger with an igniter and let it warm up for around two minutes. Make sure that you warm it up to guarantee that the fogger will dispense a thick white cloud properly. This product can dispense a 10 foot-cone fog which can immediately rid your outdoor space of insects and keep it safe from them for around six hours. Just remember to fog before having any outdoor event in order to maximize its effects.
And since the Burgess 1443 is a propane insect fogger, you can just attach a propane canister onto the fogger and bring it with you anywhere. This is ideal for those who have large outdoor living spaces that do not want to negotiate with an extension cord, and with the price of only around $60, you are getting a bargain for a tool such as this.

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger


For those that have a smaller outdoor living space to manage, an electric insect fogger like the Burgess 960 is the product for you. Solidly built, the Burgess 960 promises you to last for a long time with its durability. Unlike other insect foggers, this Burgess fogger has a covered nozzle/heating element on the front, which further adds to its feel of durability.
Just like the Burgess 1443, this Burgess electric insect fogger also has a 40-ounce tank for you to fill up. Remember though, that you will need to fill it up at around 50% and above for the fogger to work properly.
And since this product is an electric insect fogger, you will have to be ready with a long extension cord for you to bring this product out in your outdoor space. Just a tip to consider: use an extension cord that you know will work fine with an electric insect fogger. Electric insect foggers tend to heat up conventional extension cords so use an appropriate one to avoid any problems.
The benefit of having an electric insect fogger is that you won’t have to buy a propane canister every time you have to use the fogger. Some consumers also do not like the idea of having a propane canister lying around as it can become a fire hazard.
After warming this Burgess electric insect fogger up for a couple of minutes, you are all set to use it. You may see some insecticide or small clouds coming out from its nozzle, but know that this is perfectly normal. Also, when you start fogging, a certain rhythm is needed to get the perfect kind of fog. Squeeze the trigger only every after three or four seconds, this ensures that you will not dispense a wet fog which you get from pumping too fast, nor have a discolored fog which you get from pumping too slow.
After fogging, its effect of killing the insect pests can be felt immediately. You will also have no insects bothering you for around six hours – great for your outdoor events. At around $75, you are getting a good quality insect fogger that will really do the job for you.

Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger

Burgess 16982150 professional fogger


The Burgess 16982150 is another great electric mosquito fogger. What sets it apart from other insect foggers in the market is its professional quality. From its appearance alone you can already tell that it is of premium quality: its solid black body and nozzle as well as the metal insecticide tank will immediately tell you of its durability and strength. Its professional quality coupled with its solid body ensures you that you will have this fogger for a long, long time.
Since the Burgess 16982150 is an electric insect fogger, be prepared with an extension cord that can handle this product. Perfect for outdoor living areas that are not that large, consumers who do not want a propane powered fogger can trust this professional quality product.
And despite being made for use by professionals, homeowners who just want to rid their outdoor living space of insect pests can easily operate this insect fogger. In order to properly use this fogger, you will have to control the rate of flow of chemical to get the right kind of dry fog. You can simply achieve a dry fog by turning the adjustment knob clockwise, while turning the knob counterclockwise will give a wetter fog. Remember that a dry fog is what you want; this is because a wet fog can damage plants, shrubs, and even carpeting.
After warming it up for a couple of minutes and tinkering with the adjustment knob for the proper fog, you can begin fogging. Taking note from its name, you will get the job done quite effectively, as if a professional had fogged your outdoor space. After fogging, insects will immediately get killed and will get repulsed for several hours, giving you ample time for your outdoor events such as picnics and parties.
For high price tag of around $150, you are getting a product of professional quality that will effectively help you reclaim your outdoor living space. If you are very particular with the type of quality a product has, then this insect fogger is the right one for you.

Black Flag 190095 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger

Black flag 190095 mosquito fogger


The Black Flag 190095 mosquito fogger promises to be another great product you can invest your money in. Its simple and straight-forward design will tell you that it is made for killing insect pests, while at the same time, ensuring you that it will last you for a long time with its durability.
Unlike other insect foggers available in the market, the Black Flag 190095 is very different. This is because it has a built-in insecticide container. While some consumers think that this built-in container is smaller than the other brands’ container, it can still do the job pretty well. The fact that the built-in container is convenient more than makes up for the perceived small container it has.
Another unique feature of this Black Flag insect fogger is its built-in igniter. A lot of insect foggers in the market do not have this very convenient feature. With its igniter, you won’t have to bring a lighter or a match with you to fire up the fogger. Once you get the propane going to the fogger, all you need to do is to press the igniter and you will be all set. This is a small feature that will really make life easier.
Before fogging, make sure that all of the Black Flag insect fogger’s parts are together. Fill the built-in container with insecticide and turn its gas knob counterclockwise to feed the fogger some gas. Press the igniter to light it up and let it heat for around two minutes before using it.
Upon fogging, you will immediately get the benefits. You will instantly rid your outdoor living space of mosquitoes, flies, gnats and moths, and you won’t be pestered by them for several hours. And since it’s a propane insect fogger you can take it anywhere with you; perfect for camping out or large outdoor living spaces. You can get this great insect fogger for around $70.

Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger



The Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger has a black nylon body which not only looks durable, but is durable, capable of lasting you for a long time. Though its heating coils and nozzle may seem a bit more flimsy than those of the other mosquito foggers in the market, that does not take away from its quality. Just by its appearance alone, you are sure to be getting a great insect fogger.
The mesh around the Bonide 420’s nozzle and the coil is a lot more see through than the other insect foggers’ mesh cover in the market today. This thin mesh allows you to see if the spark has ignited or if the coils are already hot enough. The insecticide tank of this mosquito fogger is made from plastic, and is sufficient enough to hold quite a bit of insecticide.
Meanwhile, another great feature of this insect fogger is its safety trigger. Before you can fog, you will have to release the safety trigger; this means you will never have to worry about accidentally fogging yourself or anyone around you, as well as waste valuable insecticide. This safety trigger is just a small feature which will really ensure you safety.
Before fogging with the Bonide 420 Fog-Rx, let it warm up for two minutes, release the safety trigger and you are all set. When dispensing fog, take note to pump out fog every three to four seconds only so as to get the proper kind of fog. This insect fogger produces a dense fog which easily permeates through foliage, cracks, and other hiding places of insects, giving you maximum effects. You can benefit from fogging immediately, and stay insect-free for several good hours. Some consumers who have bought this fogger also claim that you can be insect-free for days, depending on the weather that you have.
With the price tag of around $60, you are getting a good insect fogger which is safe, compact, and portable. This really is another good buy when you are looking for an insect fogger that can do the job.

Final Thoughts on Mosquito Foggers

Any one of these insect foggers will really help you clear those insect pests and will help you reclaim back your outdoor living space. Each one has their own unique features and each one has their own style to them that will resonate with your preference. Both electric and propane powered insect foggers can do the job well, and any of the mentioned products has been proven to be effective.
But in order for you to safely and effectively use your fogger, here are some tips for you to remember:
• Read the manual
• Always warm electric/propane mosquito foggers before use
• Get appropriate extension cord for your electric insect fogger
• Always go for dry fog
• Make sure all the parts are tightly in place before using
• Pump out fog every three to four seconds, or whatever is specified in the manual
• Before buying, make sure to read if it is for outdoor use only or can be used indoors
• Fog before using your outdoor living space
• When there are no events planned, fog at dusk to take advantage of low winds
These are just a few tips that will help you make the most out of your mosquito fogger. Remembering these tips coupled with the mosquito fogger of your choice will surely maximize your insect killing potential.


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jack gordon May 19, 2016 at 4:52 am Reply

Living in a tropical area, I invested in one of these foggers to get rid of mosquitoes, and boy this thing is the most efficient of all systems to get rid of them. It works really really well. Be careful though this uses propane gaz and could be dangerous, don’t use it obviusly near any type of flame sources…

The area will be mosquito-free for hours following fogging.

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